Client Testimonials

I had decided a few days ago that it was TIME for a new tat!! Well, we live out of town (not far, GA) but were headed your way, and after having looked at and read your website, seen your work, read stellar testimonials, etc., I emailed you guys with a couple of questions about a custom tat and almost immediately received a very nice response with 'no problem' on the custom work.....SO TRUE!!!

As we were driving to the hotel we saw a sign for "Kirkman Road" so my husband said, "Let's drop by and you can see if you want these guys to do your tat." Well, walking into the shop was a pleasure, it's beautiful with the salt H20 tank, the relaxing atmosphere, the "scrubbed and you know it's so clean & well cared for shine," and I've not even begun to tell ya about the artists!!!

I was glancing at some flash, but had a picture or two in my pocket of my real desire...lovely cherry blossoms. Right away we were asked if we needed help and I said something like, "I have some pictures of some cherry blossoms that I'd like done, you guys do custom work?!" Well, I showed a photo to Zachary, he sketched a drop dead GORGEOUS design and said, "How's this?!" Me: "Duh....GREAT!" I was so anxious to get it that my after my hubby asked approximately how long it would take and said we'd be back after checking in, I said, "Why don't you check in and come back and get me?!" Which he did (yeah, he does spoil me rotten, LOL!) Onward and upward....Zachary so ROCKS! He has a very gentle touch, puts one at ease during the entire process and I have to say, I have an absolutely STUNNING custom tat of a cherry blossom branch on my left shoulder/upper back/with a bit on the neck....looks like you can pick a blossom off of my shoulder!

It's like I told Zach, "Dude, I'll be back!" Having him work on me is well worth the drive from home (6 hours), if you are in Orlando or surrounding area and are jonesin' for a tat, whether it's your 1st or 97th, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND dropping by Scratch the Surface to see Zachary! Okay...yeah, I'm prejudiced because of the beautiful work that he did on me, but something tells me that all the artists are great at this outstanding establishment!

THANKS SO MUCH, ZACHARY!!!! I'll most assuredly be sending friends your way and will see you next time we're in town!
God Bless,

- Becka

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my experience at your shop. Too often do we get so caught up in our busy schedules and don’t take the time to recognize the positive experiences that make such a big difference.

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin, Janelle (who was visiting from Canada) and I were shopping around for a place to get her tattoo done. After visiting about three different placed (where we did not feel comfortable at all), we stopped by at one of your shops on I-Drive. We had the pleasure of meeting Stefan. Though he was quite busy, he took the time to speak with us and made us feel very comfortable. I was much impressed. It was getting late and we decided to continue this later on in the week. We decided to get the tattoo done that Thursday (August 10th). Our minds were made up that we were going back to the store where Stefan worked.

We ended up having lunch first in the Bill Wong’s plaza on I-Drive. We decided to stop at the tattoo shop in the plaza just to check it out. Coincidentally, there was Stefan again. That was our definite sign at that point that it was ‘meant to be- this was the place.’ This was going to be my cousin’s first tattoo and she was a bit nervous so her comfort was my concern.

Stefan remembered us again and gave exceptional customer service. The tattoo artist was also very impressive. He has a great sense of humor so instead of worrying about the pain, we were both laughing throughout. We definitely appreciated that. They both took the time to discuss everything and even helped with the design. The entire process was extremely comfortable.

We must have visited around six tattoo shops and no one even came close to yours. I have already recommended people and I myself will be returning to get a tattoo myself.

- Stacy U. Dass

About a year and a half ago my husband, son and I bought a new home in Florida.

In celebration of us being new homeowners, we all decided to get tattoos to remember that exciting day. We went to many tattoo studios in Florida before we came across “Scratch The Surface.” We were first impressed by the cleanliness and brightness of your studio. Then once we began to talk to your employees we were even more impressed so we decided this would be the place for us to get our first tattoo. We were very satisfied with the outcome.

When my brother was visiting us from Georgia last week, he decided he wanted to get a tattoo. We knew exactly where to take him…”Scratch The Surface.”

As soon as we walked into your studio we were greeted by Stefan. My brother had many questions and concerns about getting a tattoo because he is diabetic. Stefan went out of his was to answer any question and concerns that he had. He was very professional, knowledgeable, caring and just a super sweet person.

We then met with Rafy, the tattoo artist who with his amazing talent customized my brothers’ tattoo to exactly what he wanted. And again, he was very knowledgeable and also such a real nice person. What a terrific job he did!

While we were at your studio for those couple of hours, everyone made us feel like part of the “Scratch The Surface” family. It was truly a wonderful experience. You really do have the most terrific people on your staff.

We wanted to let you know how they made all of our experiences as first time tattoo recipients such a pleasure. Such dedication, professionalism and friendliness is hard to find these days. They are all assets to your company.

Thank you all for letting us have the opportunity to be a part of the “Scratch The Surface” family.

-Shakib, Doreen, Richard and Henry

Tattoo shops have become as common as most convenient stores these days especially in the area (Orlando) we live in. In part your choices come down to cleanliness and the quality of service. About three months ago I was looking into shops on the internet and feeling reluctant to take my business into the tourism areas of Orlando. I drove by several shops and did not feel that this was “the one” to get my next piece done at.

I then drove by Scratch the Surface and was greeted by Stefan who directed me to artist Rafy. At the time I was looking at getting some lettering done on my arms and that was it, but somehow months later I have found myself getting more and more pieces done by him. Rafy has done all the work on me since then, including a couple of recolors on some existing tattoos that I have done in the past. His work has exceeded my expectations and the detail is nothing short of excellence. It is my perception that Rafy is attuned to perfection and ensures you do not just like, but love, the tattoos he does. I have had several different pieces done by Rafy and there has not been a time that he does not offer a suggestion I had not thought of, or develop some out-of-this-world concept for the idea I originally had in mind.

Rafy makes you feel as if you are the most important client and treats you as a friend rather than just another customer. The relationship I have developed with both Rafy and Stefan has been more that I originally expected. It should not go without saying that we overlook the small things at times, but somehow Stefan and Rafy make doing the small things a very big deal.

I would like to recognize Rafy for the excellent work he does and Stefan for the superior service he provides. They both have left a good lasting impression of the business they provide. If it were not for them, much like the other shops I passed on, I may have just kept on driving away from this one to. Rafy and Stefan I would like to thank you for giving me the best in service and becoming good friends to my family as well.

-Daniel K. Baker